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We, Nigeria industrial trade and publishers is a comprehensive advertising company located in Lagos Nigeria, with expertise in publishing of Business Directories, Online/ Hardcopy, Promotional Advert, with its global technology partnership.

Globally, the business world is ever dynamic and the Nigeria environment is not an exception.

In recent times we are witnessing rapid revolutions in the various sectors and strata of our economic and social life. The Nigerian and industrial and trade publishers is a well-researched and comprehensively compelled business directory. Our corporate profile coverage transcends through Oil & Gas, Information, Technology, Security, Telecommunications, Maritime, Aviation, Manufacturing, Banking Insurance, Transportation, Agricultural, Governance, Building/ Construction, Petroleum, Fashion, Arts, Education, Real Estate, Mining Service, Solid Mineral Exploration and Industry etc. All these are geared towards the enhancement of national and individual wealth. Consequent upon these developments, new products are being developed, new contacts being made and new frontiers explored. In all these, Nigerian industrial and trade publisher as a responsible, responsive and focused corporate body is constantly keeping a tab on monitoring these developments. This is basically with a view to publishing an updated information on business developments both national and international. Every business organization irrespective of size or areas of interest needs an update on business developments. This we do with the publication of this very comprehensive and general interest business directory. We have also expanded the scope of our service to include production of high quality Dairies, calendars and other printing matters.

In this current edition, we have published a very comprehensive business information, that will enable you expand your clientele and business frontiers, thereby enhancing your profitability. Indeed, this directory is a must for your table and possibly a cooperate gift item for your valued clients.

Thank you.